Words and Notes Italian Music Concert @ Sheraton Corniche Abu Dhabi on 19th October 2018

Words and Notes Italian Music Concert @ Sheraton Corniche Abu Dhabi on 19th October 2018

Words and Notes Italian Music Concert @ Sheraton Corniche Abu Dhabi on 19th October 2018

Save the Date!! When Mediterranean meets the Gulf “Words and Notes”
October 19th 2018 – 7:00pm
Sheraton Abu Dhabi – Hotel Corniche

The Aim of this Italian Concert with the auspicious of the Ambasciata d’Italia ad Abu Dhabi / Embassy of Italy in Abu Dhabi and the participation of the local Arab Artist Abood Bashir, is to give visibility to the real and existing “bridge” between the Mediterranean and the Arab culture through some incredible excellence just well known in Italy in the music field: Fabrizio Cammarata, Nicolo’ Carnesi, Cirrone Band, Lucio Corsi, Manuel Magrini, Antonio Di Martino, Margherita Vicario.

“Words and notes” a way to deepen the cultural exchange between Italy and the Arabian Peninsula, and to strengthen even more the existing intercultural links with the Arab Culture.


“When Mediterranean meets the Gulf” is a geographical paradox, an ideal bridge and a musical miracle.

What nowadays is generally known as “enlarged Mediterranean” includes a vast region currently ravaged by growing tensions, tragic crisis, worrying instability and uncontrolled migration flows.

In there, Italy and UAE – thanks to excellent and strong bonds of friendship and cooperation – share the same sense of urgency towards common challenges and multiply their efforts to inject essential seeds of a “positive agenda”: our shores have to get back to provide successful opportunities for future generations and to become a shared  platform for joint growth and well-being.

The ideal bridge between Rome and Abu Dhabi shall therefore develop into an intangible highway of beneficial awareness and constructive emotions, especially through a better mutual knowledge of each other’s identity, traditions and culture.

These are the values underlying the powerful stream of new Italian music that some of our most talented young performers – joined by a special Arab guest – have decided to offer to the Abu Dhabi audience, bringing in all their fresh energy and sincere feelings.

In the Year of Zayed, we cannot but devote their performance to the eternal memory of a courageous and wise man, meant to embody forever the supreme values of peace, tolerance, dialogue and moderation.

Enjoy the music and feel inspired by what unites us!

Liborio Stellino-Ambassador of Italy to the United Arab Emirates

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