“The Pianist”, Maurizio Mastrini’s new album is coming

"The pianist", Maurizio Mastrini’s new album is coming

“The Pianist”, Maurizio Mastrini’s new album is coming"The pianist", Maurizio Mastrini’s new album is coming

Italian pianist Maurizio Mastrini makes all Dubai dance with his astonishing “Dubai Express “.

Maestro Maurizio Mastrini is back with a new eclectic album “THE PIANIST”.

The new recording effort of the pianist, acclaimed as one of the most talented artists on the international scene and who became famous thanks to the experimentation of reading music from the last key back to the first, is back less than one year after the album “Essential Piano & Strings”.

The project was born after two years of preparation and matured thanks to Mastrini’s experiences in more than 420 concerts of his world tour, which recently brought him to perform in the UAE, in Hong Kong and in the United States.

“The Pianist” offers an original aspect of Mastrini. This new album is based on a deep technical virtuosity: “The piano technique should be the basis of all the pianists who conduct this activity” says the artist.

The album consists in 13 tracks and it is a real sound trip that also runs through the world of children, with two pieces that contain short recited tales, invented by M. Maurizio Mastrini and realized by writer Carla Barbara Coppi: “Christmas eve” and “The Moon”. Instead, the love passion is represented in the album by three songs: “The Kiss”, “Hello George”, a tribute to George Michael, dedicated to all marginalized people, and “Passion”, “a song destined to Astor Piazzolla, “as he suggested me in a dream”, tells Maurizio.

The pure virtuosity is represented by the song “Paganiniana” whose theme and variations are inspired to the capriccio in “A minor” of Paganini. In order to have a male and percussive sound, Maurizio Mastrini also plays some parts of the executions standing and it shows his great talent and his famous mastery with the keyboard, who is magically “touched” to perform “hails down” of notes, octaves, chords, glissandos.

The surprises of the album are not finished, in fact in the new work Master Mastrini also included the famous ‘80s success of the band Europe “The Final Countdown”, played in a concert version.

The experts defined Maurizio Mastrini in the “The Pianist” the piano version of the cello duo “2cellos” who is getting a big success in the world. This new album will open up a new world tour, the International Tour “The Pianist”, which will touch more than 100 cities around the world, including Beijing, Vilnius, Buenos Aires and London and – last but not least – many Italian cities.