The International Tour “The Pianist” by Master Mastrini soon in Dubai

The International Tour “The Pianist” by Master Mastrini soon in Dubai

The International Tour “The Pianist” will touch more than 100 cities around the world, including Beijing, Vilnius, Buenos Aires, London and many Italian cities – last but not least – Dubai. The International Tour "The Pianist" by Master Mastrini soon in Dubai

The tour started on June 3th 2015 in Enna, a Sicilian City where it was shooted also a videoclip of the inedit song “Il Bacio”, coming soon next months.

The experts defined Maurizio Mastrini in the “The Pianist” the piano version of the cello duo “2cellos” who is getting a big success in the world.

“The Pianist” offers an original aspect of Mastrini. This new album is based on a deep technical virtuosity: “The piano technique should be the basis of all the pianists who conduct this activity” says the Artist.

The pure virtuosity is represented by the song “Paganiniana” whose theme and variations are inspired to the capriccio in “A minor” of Paganini. In order to have a male and percussive sound, Maurizio Mastrini also plays some parts of the executions standing and it shows his great talent and his famous mastery with the keyboard, who is magically “touched” to perform “hails down” of notes, octaves, chords, glissandos.

Through a musical programme of one hour and a half, the Master brings the audiance in direct connection with his art, performing the compositions that made him famous.

He will play minimalist pieces, he will fuse latin jazz with impressive technical virtuosities, without forgetting his music in reverse.

The 2015 tour will follow up the strong international mark of the previous editions and his stages will be cleverly chosen to represent in a magnificient way the extraordinary genius and creative talent of the Maestro.

The Pianist International Tour offer, between artistic proposals, the “Show Version” that provides an interlude with the intervention of the deejay.

The Pianist, in fact, also includes songs with accompaniment of electronic equipment.

The surprises of the album are not finished, in fact in the new work Master Mastrini also included the famous ‘80s success of the band Europe “The Final Countdown”, played in a concert version.

Italian pianist Maurizio Mastrini makes all Dubai dance with his astonishing “Dubai Express “.