The Hidden Hog Restaurant in DIFC

The Hidden Hog restaurant in DIFC

We all know DIFC in Dubai.

DIFC continues to be one of Dubai’s most sought-after business and lifestyle destinations with a variety of world-renowned dining venues.

The Hidden Hog is not just another restaurant in DIFC. The Hidden Hog if the only restaurant in DIFC offering pork dishes in authentic traditional and at the same time modern European cuisine.

Yes, Luca Gagliardi, the F&B Director, wanted to create something unique, a little “hidden” gem in the dynamic Dubai dining scene. The Hidden Hog is a “hidden” spot located in the same building of Capital Club, a casual bistro chic restaurant with a lounge-bar concept.

Let’s be honest please: where in Dubai can you find a braised pork shank, a charcuterie board, a slow cooked pork rib or a pork chop Milanese? Shall we talk about nduja, a particularly spicy, spreadable pork sausage from the region of Calabria in Southern Italy?

No, it is not October Fest! This is happening every day and the restaurant is offering great deals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I guess it is the only place in Dubai to have an authentic full English breakfast with bacon and pork sausages; everything for such a good deal (35 AED including coffee)!

The menu, curated by the Executive Chef, Enrico Paiola, and Head Chef, Luca Carbini, both Italian, is a culinary experience taking you across the best European traditional pork cuisine and offers even gourmet pizzas (you should try the “Hell on hearth” one).

Luca Gagliardi has been in the Dubai restaurant-bars scene for more than 20 years, starting with Gordon Ramsey’s first restaurant. Enrico Paiola is a passionate Italian chef with 15 years of experience all around the World, while Luca Carbini likes describing himself as: “an Italian chef who loves his job”. A great team that will make you feel welcome!

The restaurant’s specialty is pork meat, but don’t forget there are also menu choices for those that prefer chicken, fish, or a simple salad!