Spreading Happiness in the Year of Giving 2017

Spreading Happiness in the Year of Giving 2017

In continuation of the support to UAE Happiness Initiative, to spread happiness in the community, in the year of Spreading Happiness in the Year of Giving 2017giving 2017, Happiness Talks – Spreading Happiness conducted its second session yesterday at Marsam Mattar.

The forum is created to give people tips, techniques and tools for inner and sustainable Happiness backed by the science and neuroscience of happiness on a monthly event basis, said Rehan Naeem – Director of Corporate Happiness at Touch Points while opening the event.Spreading Happiness in the Year of Giving 2017

He said that giving is central to happiness and studies have shown that generosity is strongly associated with well-being. He stressed that giving is not just associated with money. Practicing gratitude, kindness, compassion and empathy, the main factors that increase happiness levels, all involve giving. He concluded that giving is the most central and significant element of Happiness.

The first speaker of the day to give people a true view of Happiness was Roberto Re, an international author, media Spreading Happiness in the Year of Giving 2017personality and a very popular peak performance coach. He gave people 10 strategies they use in their daily lives simplify their thinking and to increase their level of happiness. He said people not living in the present and not know what they really want are the main factors that affect their happiness levels.

He stressed that people need to be true to themselves, conduct an accurate self-awareness and stay in their own “Story” to attain and retain true inner happiness. He concluded by convincing the audience that they need to let go of the too many and too much rigid rules that they set for themselves and people around them, and stop conditioning their lives based on others and an environment, rather condition it on their values, believes and sense of contentment.

Eva Kovak, a sports psychologist and consultant for workplace health and wellbeing at 24aLife was the next speakerSpreading Happiness in the Year of Giving 2017 of the evening. Her talk focused on the significance of health for happiness, with a focus on how stress has a strong impact on our health and happiness.

Starting with giving people awareness about the bodily, behavioral and mental symptoms of stress, she focused on giving the audience tips on how to manage stress in their daily lives for better health and happiness levels. She continued saying that stress is contagious by sharing a study and emphasized that for us to be happy and have a happy environment around us we need to condition our minds so to not let stress interfere in our happiness and in the happiness of people around us.

Her tips on how to recognize stress and developing a stress coping mechanism gave the audience some very valuable tips to use in their daily lives for improved health and happiness levels.

The event was concluded by the moderator Rehan Naeem and the speakers Roberto and Eva, on an adoption note. They gave the audience 30 seconds to think about and make a note of one thing that is affecting their happiness levels in their daily lives, take a tip or tool from the sessions on how to do it differently and give their minds a signal that it would act upon it as decided and rewire their brain over the next few days by practicing it.

The event is a corporate social responsibility initiative by Vonni Events, Touch Points Consultancy and Marsam Mattar and was supported by Bevy Solutions and BLK water.

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