Shindagha of wonders! Two new museums in town

Perfume Museum

Shindagha of wonders! Two new museums in town.

Today I’ll be your guide for a very special journey. A journey into the past of this amazing city projected into the future, but at the same time, definitely, proud of its strong cultural roots.

“Nations are not measured by their material wealth alone, but by their cultural heritage”

I wanna start this tour with this beautiful phrase of late H.H. Sheik Zayed Al Nayan, the founder and the father of the UAE. People have a lot of misconceptions about UAE, and one of them is that this country has no culture, no traditions, but in reality, not only is full of these, the millennial Bedouin lore closely linked with Islamic culture, but Dubai, in particular, has lots of important witness of its past and, the above all, Government of Dubai knows exactly how to integrate the past with the future, and how to show this link.
I’ll give you some ideas about that, but before, excuse me…just a little bit of history…

Modern Dubai was born in the early 20th century when the ruling family established itself in the charming neighborhood of Al Shindagha. Located on the shores of the Creek, Al Shindagha is prized for its coral-clad houses and traditional wind towers.
Now, finally, you can have a really immersive and amaizing experience of that, visiting these two new museums, recently opened in the heart of this historic district involved in new development as part of an initiative to transform the creek into regional culture and traditional center.

Let’s start with the Creek Museum, that isn’t a ‘classic’ historical museum, often boring and only for savants.
It is an interactive place, a perfect example of exhibit design and new museums’ technology,  where the visitors can play and in the same time have a comprehensive and clear idea of the city’s history from its origins, and understand the importance of Dubai Creek as a nerve center for the itself development, even before the discovery and export of oil.
Walking through the exhibition rooms attention is captured by screens and interactive panels and across videos and documents you’ll get at the peak of the visit by entering the cinema hall, where you’ll be a spectator of a breathtaking experience, seeing, but it would be better to say, living, a journey through time.

With the same ticket, you can also explore the Perfume Museum. Here get ready to smell and feel directly on your skin the scents with which Arab women prepare the famous all over the world perfumes and fragrances, following the centuries-old traditions. Ancient and secret recipes passed down from mother to daughter!

After the visit of the Perfume Museum, you can not fail to stop at the shop run by Tola Perfumery, an Emirati brand founded by Dhaher Bin Dhaher. A variety selection of brand fragrances from around the world, shown by a careful and prepared store manager who will answer your most curious questions!


Tips by Dubai Events Blog:
Both museums are absolutely family-friendly even with younger children!
Tola Perfumery products are a perfect gift for incoming St.Valentine’s Day! 🙂

To know more visit Al Shindagha Museum website.

Dubai Creek: Birth of a city and Perfume Museum
Tickets: 15 Aed (for both Museums)
Opening Hours: daily except for Tuesday from 10 am to 6 pm
Friday from 2,30 pm to 9 pm