Scuola Pallavolo Dubai: meeting on October 5th 2015

Italian Volleyball Academy meeting on October 5th 2015Scuola Pallavolo Dubai: meeting on October 5th 2015

In the occasion of Family Day, a day of sport organized by FFG Sports Management to present the two newborn Italian schools, Scuola Pallavolo Dubai (Italian Volleyball Academy) and Scuola Calcio Dubai (Italian Football Academy), it will be the first round of the volleyball session on October 5 , at 5pm.

Scuola Pallavolo Dubai is a 100 % made ​​in Italy project. Open to all children aged 4 to 10 years and adolescents aged 10 to 14 years, the courses are organized in collaboration with the Scuola Calcio Dubai that two weeks ago it started the business .

Our Mini-Volley programme aims to offer an enjoyable and educational learning environment in which children can first of all improve their motor skills and then, of course, learn and master the basic skills of volleyball.
Movement is an essential part of child development and our activities enable young people to acquire basic motor skills.  We encourage enthusiastic participation, commitment and positive attitudes towards physical activity.

This is realised in the form of games to respond to children’s needs and give them the chance to develop a complete mastery of their body.

Volleyball has traditionally been viewed as a difficult sport to introduce to young children, but it doesn’t have to be!  Mini-Volley offers simple modifications that help coaches to easily provide their children with a fun and rewarding volleyball experience:

•       Warming up and cooling down with games
•       Lowering  the net to a level all the kids can successfully spike over
•       Reducing court sizes
•       Using bigger and lighter balls
•       Scoring in all sorts of kid-related ways

Our approach will be based on the creation of a positive and fun environment, where kids can learn by imitation of good practice, through exercise that will be as game like as possible.

Timing: We will have 2 sessions per week – Monday and Wednesday from 5.00 to 6.30
Yearly Fee:  4000 AED
Benefit: Training kit
Coaches: Athletes and trainers coming from Esperia Volleyball club, with previous experience in motor skills development and mini-volley training.

Location: Gym of JSS Private School (the same venue of the Scuola Calcio Dubai).