Safia El Emari protagonist of Hi Dubai TV Series on line on Dubai Post and Emirates 24/7

Hi Dubai TV Series on line on Dubai Post and Emirates 24/7

Safia El Emari protagonist of Hi Dubai TV Series on line on Dubai Post and Emirates 24/7

Safia El Emari protagonist of Hi Dubai TV Series on line on Dubai Post and Emirates 24/7

Are you watching the Episodes of our 24 Protagonists of Hi Dubai TV Series?

Here you can find the links of the last Episodes: Culture, Sports, Future. Enjoy it and don’t forget to vote your favorite protagonist 🙂

Hi Dubai TV Series went live on Dubai One Channel from 30th November to 2nd December 2018.

After the great success of the series on air, you can follow the inspirational and motivational stories of the 24 protagonists, 12 Emirati and 12 Expat women, and their love for the UAE, on line on and

The Italian Producer of the series, Benedetta Paravia, addressed “Hi Dubai” to a cosmopolitan audience and dedicated it to people who are up to date with their surroundings, with a medium-high educational level, interested in a better and promising future so that they could move to Dubai after watching the series, as women are a pillar of empowerment and enrichment for the whole community.

The first episode is dedicated to Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the Spirit of the Union, while the 6 other episodes are dedicated to Youth, Tolerance, Happiness, Culture, Sport and Future.

In each episode 4 women share their inspirational and motivational stories.
All personalities share how the UAE and the city of Dubai empowered them, through their experiences, culture, traditions, professions and lifestyles.

The 12 Emirati women who are protagonists are Aisha Saeed Harib, Suaad Mohammed al-Hammadi, Shamsaa al-Shamsi, Khadija Mustafa al-Yousuf, Suhaila Mubarak al-wali, Khulood Mahmood al-Rais, Amina al-Memari, Sara Khalifa al-Mubarak, Maryam Bartawi, the two sisters Sharifa and Samia Naser Yateem and the young Shahed Ahmad Kharam.

The other 12 expats are: Tenzin Choeyang, Celeste Lo Turco, Shanthi Thangaraj, Sana Sajan, Tala Badri, Al Anoud Ghazzawi, Diana Ganeva, Simona Briggiotta aka Samira Cooper, Dareen Barbar, Esmeralda Anton Lopez, Priyal Bhartia and the Godmother of the series is the Egyptian renowned actress Safia El Emari.

Safia El Emary is an Egyptian actress and Goodwill Ambassador of the International Federation for Peace and Sustainable Development at the United Nation since 2006. In 2000 she began Goodwill Ambassador for UNFPA.

All the 24 women has participated in the production as volunteers, sharing their gratitude and love for the UAE and they end their interviews with the right hand making the salute gesture of WIN, VICTORY, LOVE which was created by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

The gesture inspires Ethic, Success and Love for the Nation.

The beautiful logos of the series have been created by Alia al-Ansari, Zayed University Alumni from the College of Art and Creative Enterprises.

For HiRes pictures of the protagonists and the backstage by Dubai Events Blog, Please visit the official website:

Official hashtags: #HiDubai1 #womenofDubai #weloveShaikhMohammed #winvictorylove

Watch all the episodes: each day, one lady story 🙂