Roberto Re, Italian Life & Business Coach, Welcome in Dubai!

Roberto Re, the Italian Life & Business Coach, now in Dubai!ROBERTO RE is one of the most well-known and respected trainers and Life & Business Coach in Europe and the undisputed leader of personal development in Italy .

I met him more than 10 years ago during his seminar in Italy and immediately I was in love with his way to communicate, full of energy and positive quote!! A communication out of the ordinary , extraordinary energy and vitality, a deep understanding of human nature, combined with a genuine interest in people and a boundless passion for his work , make him a great professional he is.

Now it’s my pleasure to find him here in Dubai and talking with him during our interview.

Roberto Re, the Italian Life & Business Coach, now in Dubai!

More than 20 years of experience “on field”, more than 300,000 participants to his seminars, thousands of teachings and hundreds of Personal Coaching, make Roberto Re, one of the number one in the European training market. Undisputed leader of the sector and main spreader of personal leadership, self-help, self-fulfillment and self-esteem, Re set up HRD Training Group in 1992 and at present he is the sole owner and Master Trainer.

He published by Mondadori ” Leader of Yourself ” (2004) and “Stop mess up ” (2006) , which have become the absolute best-seller , sold more than  500,000 copies.

My favourite quote, that I found in his book is: “When I would become I want, when I should become I must, when the sooner or later becomes now, thten and only then your desires start to become a reality”.Roberto Re, the Italian Life & Business Coach, now in Dubai!

He has been working with entrepreneurs, managers of companies, people of the show business, athletes, football players and sportsmen, among which Jessica Rossi, gold medal winner in the Trap shooting at the Olympic Games of London 2012.

Infact, Roberto Re is often asked by trainers and athletes to help them in the mental preparation of sportspeople in order to improve their performance. New mental programmes for sportspeople have been developed from his experience in a wide range of sectors, the result of the application of the strategies that have made him famous to the fascinating world of sport.

He has chosen Dubai for living here with his family and for developing his ambitious projects which you will receive news soon.