From Puglia to Dubai: Interview with Leonida Ferrarese – Bottega Dalmut

From Puglia to Dubai: Interview with Leonida Ferrarese – Bottega Dalmut

From Puglia to Dubai: Interview with Leonida Ferrarese – Bottega Dalmut

During last Edition of Arab Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to interview  the talented Italian fashion designer: From Puglia to Dubai: Interview with Leonida Ferrarese – Bottega DalmutLeonida Ferrarese, Bottega Dalmut.

Q: When and how your passion started?

A: It’s a long way: first of all, my passion started following the footsteps of my grandfather, that  after working hours in the bank attending a class to learn the secrets of tailoring. So after graduating from Lumsa Rome, I attended a master’s degree in marketing from the University of Buckingham in New York, the city that takes forever in the heart thanks to the experience gained for six months from Ferragamo. My source of inspiration was Savile row, historic street in the neighborhood Mayfair in London known worldwide for being the hub of luxury sewing craft. I hit the recipe of its success: passion and style applied to concept of elegance for the man. ” Q: So, can you tell us more about your brand? A: I founded the brand and tailoring Company BOTTEGA DALMUT ®. A Tailor Shop with a special atelier that handcrafts suits using the best materials on the market . Everything happens on the cutting table. It is where the main activity of the company brings to life, “The Tailoring Suit” and expands the production of accessories such as cashmere or silk ties, bow ties, shirts, shoes and many other accessories for men . Obviously all strictly “hand made in Italy”.

Q: Where is located in Italy?From Puglia to Dubai: Interview with Leonida Ferrarese – Bottega Dalmut

A: Bottega Dalmut has its place in a historical building of the ‘800 in the heart of the city of Francavilla Fontana (BR). Floors and frescoes are inspired by nature, typical of Art Nouveau. The ground floor is dedicated to a showroom where customers view BD’s wide variety of fabrics, clothing, shoes and accessories all while lounging comfortably in the living room sipping a fresh cup of expresso coffee and listening to our expert advice.

Q: In Italy, you launched your brand in Florence, parades menswear Pitti Palace, the temple of elegance declined to men, where your clients-influencers weared your creations, your style. So, can we tell that your first catwalk takes in Dubai?

A: Definitely yes. My first collection is officially launched here in Dubai, cause since 2 years ago when we started the project we designed handmade accessories and gave advices to our customers: so this is our first ready to wear SS2017 where I finally express my creativity 100%, starting from the design of the collection till the tailoring of it and it’s a joy for me to see the models wearing it.

Q: Lots of famous Italian people are wearing your creation, for example, Lapo Elkann, Al Bano and more. What’s From Puglia to Dubai: Interview with Leonida Ferrarese – Bottega Dalmutthe secret of your success?

A: The choice is in your hands, for every type of suit, from classic to modern, from single-breasted (with two or three buttons), to the formal double-breasted (with six or four buttons), from the three-piece suit with waistcoat, to double-breasted blazers with six buttons; everything can be customized with a personal touch. Our goal is for you to be able to enjoy the wide selection of handmade fabrics that Dalmut has to offer. The suit is designed according to your wishes, rather it is a specific cut over another, a model of the past with a modern twist, a pop of color rather than a classic dark, or perhaps adding pockets, vents, lapels, drawings or special accessories. There are many possibilities to explore. Bring your uniqueness and ideas wearing the outfit that you have imagined for yourself to create elegancy with a touch of unique style, then leave it to our expert tailors to complete the work in its practical part. We choose and select only the best fabrics on the market – English and Irish specifically so that they can only be guaranteed quality. Soft, silky to the touch, durable and breathable fabrics. Our fabrics are all strictly made from natural fibers.

Q: You create also a “Black Label” line: specifically for important events in the life of a men (wedding, ceremony, From Puglia to Dubai: Interview with Leonida Ferrarese – Bottega Dalmutetc) and you told me that “you like to give a face to your suits and to think about that client will be happy each time he will wear your suit remembering that special occasion”. Do you have any projects for the future?

A: Yes, exactly. Each Dalmut garment characterizes a man who reveals style, elegance, personality, projecting the image of himself, his own being, in the eyes of others. Thanks to the craftsmanship of our production process each piece acquires a unique and inimi-table result.

And, my wish for the future is that I would like to open a BOTTEGA DALMUT in New York, where everything happened. Meanwhile, I will continue to work in Italy and looking for new opportunity in the world.


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Photo credit by BOTTEGA DALMUT