Piadera, Authentic Italian Flatbread Restaurant @ Dubai World Trade Centre

Piadera, Authentic Italian Flatbread Restaurant @ Dubai World Trade Centre

Piadera, Authentic Italian Flatbread Restaurant @ Dubai World Trade Centre

I discovered a place that brings me back in the past, when I was a baby travelling with my family in Romagna Riviera, in Italy. Those were the years when I tasted the flatbread Piada for the first time, and now, I’m happy I can live those experiences again and again and have my Piada  in Dubai whenever I feel so.

This special place is called Piadèra and is located close to Dubai World Trade Centre metro station,  specifically in the palm tree areas  in front of the Ibis One Central hotel. It’s a cozy place, Italian Retro’ Style to the 50s with ample parking and a terrace perfect for relaxing between meetings or evening.

Piadèra signature dish is the authentic Italian  flatbread (Piada). Piada is one of the most popular recipes of Italian cuisine, exported all over the world as a light and quick alternative to a sandwich and pizza, stuffed with premium Italian ingredients – premium Italian cold cuts (bresaola, Halal cotto etc), fresh assortment of Italian cheese (from buffalo mozzarella to stracciatella and buttata) and vegetables freshly picked from the field. Flatbread combination can be infinite from the most mouth watering to the healthiest, as long as they are 100% Italian!

Being genuinely Italian is the karma of the whole management team, which is also of Italian origins. The team partnered up with some local and Italian investors, among which there is Milly whose family has been in the Piada business since three generations in Romagna riviera. Her grandma Norina has inspired the Piadèra name as the feminine of Piader (mixing the english for who crafts the flatbread Piada with the Rimini dialect). A name coined by a visiting American in the 60s taken by the sight of beautiful Norina vigorously preparing the dough by hand and wondering about how to define her job.

Piada is not the only item 100% Italian. The ingredients, the salads, the mozzarella platters, their pasta of the day, the desserts, the pastry and above all the coffee and the flour. Even furniture is from Italy!

Fresh juices and detox complete the offering making it a place for both those in a hurry during the day and for those seeking an oasis of evening relaxation.

The place is open since a march 7th but the guys are preparing an official opening in the first half of April – stay tuned!!

Where you can taste the piada outside of the Trade centre? Follow the stages of their food truck every day outside of Sheikh Rashid Tower and during the weekends around Dubai… This Saturday, you can taste their Piada at the Dubai World Cup Race at Meydan.

Soon they will be launching delivery services and we will all be able to have Piada on our sofa while watching our favorite tv series.

By visiting them by end of April, you could take advantage of their daily promotions too and explore their full menu’, all 100% made in Italy!!!

Where: Rimini (Italy) … Sorry, I meant Offices 1, One Central, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE & Sheikh Rashid Tower, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE

Photos credits by choosedzoi

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