New Etihad Museum in Dubai

Inaugurato l'Etihad Museum a Dubai

New Etihad Museum in Dubai

The new Etihad Museum, placed near the historical Union House (Dar Al Etihad) on the Jumeirah Road, it was inaugurated from HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and opened on the 2nd December during the 45th National Day’s celebrations.

The Museum is a project from the Canadian Moryama & Teshima Architect, designers among others big projects like the National Museum in Riyadh and Al Sheerah Museum of Kuwait City, only wanting to mention the buildings in the area Middle East.

It celebrates the historical moment of the signing of the document that led to unity of the 7  Emirates, the culture and the history of its inhabitants.

The entrance hall, with its wavy parabolic curves, commemorates the parchment on which was written the unification agreement, and tapered gold columns pens with which the Founding Fathers signed the document.

From the square in white travertine pools and glass walls you can enter in the pavilion. The exhibition area of ​​the museum is underground, it takes place among permanent and temporary galleries, around the large cylinder that occupies the area under the Union House, where the 2nd December 1971 the 7 Emirates met to sign the historic agreement which led to the union and the birth of the United Arab Emirates. There are also a library with more than 3 thousand volumes, theatres, teaching rooms, rooms for events and archives.

Through rare photos, video, documents, display panels, maps and interactive screens visitors can take part in/to the historical period that goes from 1968 to 1974 and they can learn more about the history and culture of the UAE, its resources, development and heritage, geography and economics coming to the present day.

It is worth it both for tourists who belive that Dubai doesn’t have a story to tell, and for residents who, through the study of the host country, can continue enjoy its rich culture, hospitality and broadmindedness.

Enjoy Dubai

Tickets: 25 AED; 10 AED (+ 5 years); free (- 5 years)

Timing: 10am/8pm

N.B: Italian touch? Choosing in relax area the wonderful sofas “Saruyama” of Moroso (by Toshiyuki Vita, 1989) and in the restaurant, tables and chairs by Pedrali. 🙂