“Narrating Rome” Edoardo Albinati @ AUD Dubai April 28th

"Narrating Rome" Edoardo Albinati @ AUD Dubai April 28th

“Narrating Rome” Edoardo Albinati @ AUD Dubai April 28th

The School of Arts and sciences in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in the UAE is hosting a special talk with famous Italian author Edoardo Albinati who will present “Narrating Rome.” Convening the event is Adjunct Professor of Italian at AUD Ms. Cristina Ricci.

"Narrating Rome" Edoardo Albinati @ AUD Dubai April 28th
“Narrating Rome” Edoardo Albinati @ AUD Dubai April 28th

Date: Friday, April 28, 2017
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Venue: C227, Student Center building (C)

Rome is the protagonist of the most recent, monumental book written by Edoardo Albinati “La scuola cattolica”, which won the prestigious literature award Premio Strega in 2016.

Albinati’s work captures the spirit of an epoch in Italian history – Rome in the 70s, a residential area, a private school. It seems that nothing of note would ever happen there. And yet, against all odds…

The author gives birth to a powerful novel, which overwhelms the reader with the scope of its themes and the variety of adventures, big and small. Mixing up real people with fictitious characters, Albinati builds a powerful, flowing narrative, which courageously faces the great existential questions and the problems of the time, and shows the other side of things.

About the author
Edoardo Albinati was born in Rome in 1956 in an upper-middle-class family. He graduated from the catholic school San Leone Magno and later from Rome University. He started his career as a translator, a script adaptor and as an editor for the magazine Nuovi Argomenti.

In 1988 he made his debut as a writer with a collection of short stories titled Arabeschi della vita morale. His 1989 novel Il polacco lavatore di vetri was adapted into the film La ballata dei lavavetri by Peter Del Monte. From the mid-1990s he works at the Rebibbia prison as a literature teacher.

In 2002 and in 2004 he took part in two UN High Commission for Refugees missions in Afghanistan and Chad, also writing reports published by the newspapers Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica.

In 2004 Albinati won the Viareggio Prize with the novel Svenimenti. In 2006 he co-wrote with actor Filippo Timi the novel Tuttalpiùmuoio, which later Timi adapted into a stage drama. In 2015 he collaborated with Matteo Garrone for the screenplay of the film Tale of Tales. In 2016 he won the Strega Prize with the novel La scuola cattolica. –

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