Lifestyle Blog Photoshoot in Dubai

Lifestyle Blog Photoshoot in Dubai: As a lifestyle blogger, a photoshoot at least once a year, can be a super handy tool in your toolbox…

We ask to our Founder Simona Briggiotta aka Samira Cooper: “Why in the heck do you have a photoshoot of yourself?”

She replied as: ” Even if, spending a day in front of the camera, (when you are FAR from being a model), can be quite awkward, as a blogger, images can be a crucial aspect of engagement. Social media, blog posts, marketing material… the list goes on.  People love to see pictures, and now days, I believe people would rather “read” stories with images, than with a lot of text. So having a “bank” of images to use throughout the year can be incredibly handy.  So for me, when planning a photoshoot day, I think it like a trip in my daily routine as blogger through the lens of a camera”.

First of all, a HUGE “thank you,” goes out to Amanda, She followed me around all day, snagging these images, and coming up with brilliant ideas and angles to capture exactly what I was looking for.  This girl can make you as a Star, all while making you look like you’re a natural. Love.Her.

I was very glad to wear the beautiful dresses designed by The Italian Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant Laura

Feeling very comfy and confident with the blue jumpsuit and look like “Gilda-Rita Hayworth” (let me dream about it) wearing such a super cocktail black dress.

A day of being in front of the camera SURE starts off a lot better when my favorite makeup stylist, Mariya Semenova @mariyasafirmua, take care of my look.

Let the shoot begin…

We started a trip around the city with my car, as usual I do in the morning, going at the meetings, discovering new locations and looking for new business opportunities. My mobile phone and my car are my best partner in crime 😉

In the afternoon, we had fun shooting in a beautiful park around the lakes, where I used to go during my free time for a walk, breathing the nature and relaxing myself after working on my blog and social media channels. The next destination was the amazing Dubai Marina with the stunning view of Cayan Tower. I was feeling a star wearing a very pretty dress and my favorite high heels shoes.

Enjoy the photos and some behind the scene pics