Lidia Bastianich @ Fatafeat Kitchen Event, Dubai Food Festival 2016

Lidia Bastianich @ Fatafeat Kitchen Event, Dubai Food Festival 2016

Lidia Bastianich @ Fatafeat Kitchen Event, Dubai Food Festival 2016

Lidia Bastianich, celebrity Chef, will take part of the Fatafeat Kitchen Event at Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet, The Lidia Bastianich @ Fatafeat Kitchen Event, Dubai Food Festival 2016Dubai Mall as part of Dubai Food Festival 2016.

Fatafeat TV, the number one food channel in the Middle East, is participating in the third edition of Dubai Food Festival, the 2-day event 26th and 27th February will gather culinary fans, foodies and families with regional and internationally celebrity chefs, and will provide them with the opportunity to learn their cooking methods, spending a great time with family and friends, and they can win a range of Fatafeat prizes.

We had the pleasure to interview the Celebrity Chef Lidia Bastianich of Italy/USA.

Welcome in Dubai Lidia. Is it your first time in the UAE?  Are you excited for Dubai Food Festival?

My pleasure! It isn’t my first time: I was here few years ago with my grandchildren in the beautiful Dubai. When Fatafeat asked me to partecipate, I said “I’ll love to come  and I love to really get involve in the food aspects of Dubai and the area.

– You will partecipate at the Fatafeat Kitchen Event on February 26 and 27 at Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet, doing live cooking demonstration: what kind of dishes you will prepare?

I’m doing two things: one is that I want to make “Risotto”, because I’ll try to combine the two culture Italian and Lidia Bastianich @ Fatafeat Kitchen Event, Dubai Food Festival 2016local culture here, so you know bran rice is always good for make a nice risotto and I’ll make it with mushrooms. There is a technique about making risotto: I’ll give the option how to make it with the local ingredients.

The other demonstration is that I want to do “Scotta Dito Di Agnello”, which is lamb chops marinated with balsamic sauce of vinegar and a puree of fresh peas, giving the options how to use the local ingredients (lemon, mint, ect), how to include that, for the women if they don’t have rosemary, so they can used all the others ones.

– What or who inspired you to become a Chef?

I was born in Italy and I was raised by my grandmother: she had a little farm for the family, she had goats, chickens, lambs and I grow up with the real taste of the food, so I understand real food from the base. When I went to the USA, I missed the food, I missed the grand mom and the food was my connection, my memories with the nice smell of my childhood. For me, cooking is about a few ingredients, and you make them shine. You understand each ingredient. Simplicity reigns. People from all the UAE, knows me already from the Fatafeat TV and they appreciated that and they are really interesting in cooking. The table is the connection for all different culture from different countries.

You are the owner of lots of restaurants, not to mention your TV series, cookbooks, sauce lines, and monthly column, plus tons of guest appearances. How do you manage to do so many things? What’s the key to your success? Do you think to open a restaurant here?
It’s a family effort. I surround myself with good people who have the same energy and passion as me. It’s like physics. If you give me a bundle of energy, I can direct it. If you give me inertia, it’s going to be hard to work with. But we train, and give them education, so these chefs can grow and then we can give them more leeway. It’s hard to be consistent and not to deviate. We manage expectations with price, but it’s much more family style, my daugther Tanya and my son Joe. We try to push the envelope even there. We have sweet breads and tripe on the menu. Well, I’m involved in Eataly in the Dubai Mall, so we are already here. The first one was in Torino and now in all over the world.