Kadim Al Saher performs 21 songs during Sharjah World Music Festival

Kadim Al Saher performs 21 songs during Sharjah World Music Festival

Kadim Al Saher performs 21 songs during Sharjah World Music Festival

More than 4000 spectators gathered at Al Majaz Amphitheatre on Friday to attend Iraqi legend Kadim Al Saher’s debut to Sharjah during the inaugural concert of the 2nd Sharjah World Music Festival, which will run till Sunday, January 25.

The ceremony was attended by Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of Sharjah Media Centre andKadim Al Saher performs 21 songs during Sharjah World Music Festival Sharjah Media Corporation, Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, Chairperson of Sharjah Investment and Development Authority “Shurooq”, Sheikha Nawar Al Qasimi, Public Programe and Outreach Officer at Sharjah Art Foundation, Ahmed bin Rakkad Al Ameri, Chairman of Sharjah Book Authority, Ines Abdel Dayem, Chairperson of the Board of the National Cultural Centre at the Cairo Opera House, Osama Samra, Director of Sharjah Media Centre, Furat Qaddouri, Festival’s General Coordinator and Founder of Furat Qaddouri Music Center, media personalities Lojain Omran and Zina Yazji, actor Fahed Abid and a number of media figures from the UAE and abroad.

Presented by Sharjah Investment and Development Authority “Shurooq” and organized by Furat Qaddouri Music Center, the festival will witness participation of top international singers, artists and ensembles from 12 countries: UAE, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, France, Italy, Spain England, Moldava, Bulgaria, India, Cuba and Argentina.SUROOQ_235_16-01-2015_Copy

The first concert of the festival was inaugurated with a special festival music theme titled “That is Sharjah”, dedicated by artist Furat Qaddouri.

During her speech Parween Habib, the Master of the Ceremony and an eminent media personality, welcomed Kadim Al Saher, “Caesar of Arabic Song”, by calling the Artist “Saher of the Arab Song”, in recognition of his extraordinary vocal performance and his magnetic charisma.

The long awaited fans gave Al Saher a big round of applause upon his debut at Al Majaz Amphitheatre. Kadim started with his solo “Aradi Khododha”, and invited Iraqi aspiring singer Sattar Saad, winner of the Voice Arabia 2014, to stage to perform together spectacular duos “Yal Kazab Yal Ghashash”, written and composed by Kadim Al Saher.

Kadim Al Saher continued his solos with “Zedini Ishkan”, Abous Rouhak”, “Ila Tilmiza”, “Abrat Al Shat” and “AnaKadim Al Saher performs 21 songs during Sharjah World Music Festival wa Laila”, amidst audience interaction and engagement.

Kadim dazzled the ear and heart of spectators with his folklore song “Eid O Houb”, lyrics of Iraqi poet Karim Al Iraqi and composed by Kadim himself. His fans responded with Iraqi traditional dance (Chobi), amidst a first of its kind overwhelming atmosphere in the history of Sharjah’s concerts, a one positively overflowing with euphoria and glee from the highly inspired and rapturous audience.

Kadim was keen to make his debut in Sharjah a highly successful one. He stayed longer than the scheduled time responding to audience’s request and performing his most popular songs such as “Sagher w Mulaab”, “Baghdad”, “Salami”, “Mustabida”, “Haza Al Loun”, “Al Jamila”, “Um Al Shila”, “Ahebini Bela Aoukadin”, “Ya Hala Behatoul”, “Qouli Auhibouka”, and others for more than the scheduled time.

He performed 21 songs over more than 2 hours, with an orchestra of 23 musicians led by Qanun Player Hassan Falih. “Ambassador of the Iraqi Song” listened many times to the sound of musical instrument to be inspired. Cold weather did not deter Kadim’s fans to stay to after midnight outdoor, as they got warmth and excitement from his legendary vocal energy.

Festival’s activities will continue at Al Majaz Waterfront on Sunday 9:00 with a free concert for Moldavian creative violinist Pasha Cazan, who plays on electric violin as a way to move from the classical world of sound into a new modern one.

Sharjah World Music Festival featres free and paid concerts. Free concerts will take place at Al Majaz Waterfront and Heart of Sharjah, while the paid ones will be hosted at Al Qasba and Flag Island. Concert calendar is available at www.sharjahworldmusicfestival.com. Tickets for the festival’s concerts are available online at www.ticketmaster

The first edition of the Sharjah World Music Festival was run at Al Qasba in Sharjah in the beginning of 2014. As a result of the resounding success and increasing public attention, it was decided to expand the festival into various venues in the emirate of Sharjah.

By organizing the festival, Shurooq seeks to boost the cultural and art presence of Sharjah and the UAE, introduce various musical cultures around the world to the UAE community and add a new product to the emirate’s list of tourist, art and cultural attractions.