Italian Festival Weeks in the UAE on 26th Oct- 10th Dec 2016

Italian Festival Weeks in the UAE on 26th Oct- 10th Dec 2016

Italian Festival Weeks in the UAE on 26th Oct- 10th Dec 2016

The Italian Festival Weeks (IFWs) is a recurring one-month-lasting event in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Organized by the Italian Industry and Commerce Office in the UAE (IIC UAE) since 2005, the IFWs has grown bigger and bigger: primarily conceived as a forum for the Italian community in the UAE, the IFWs has evolved and changed, thus becoming a platform for the Italian expats to showcase their lifestyle and Italy’s image to all the communities based in the UAE.

The annual cultural, social and economic Festival spans over five weeks, usually covering the edgy month of November.

It takes place across various locations of the three main Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah and it has become the biggest Italian festival in the Gulf, to be dedicated to the enhancement of the cultural heritage and economic potential of Italy in the region, above all in the UAE.

At its 10th edition, IFWS 2016 will encompass a wide range of events regrouped under three main core sections:

The Networking and Fine Dining Section

The Arts and Culture Section

The Business Section

In particular the Networking and Fine Dining section will be entirely dedicated to the excellences of the enogastronomic tradition of Italy, without neglecting the cross-cultural communication

The related calendar indeed, will highlight the best aspect of the Italian heritage for the world.

The Italian World Cuisine Summit (IWCS 2016), partner of the Speciality Food Festival (SFF), will be the showcase of the amazing delicacies that the simplicity of the Italian territory can give to humanity. And also, the event dedicated to one of the most important moment in the day of the truly Italian people: the Aperitivo.