Interview with Silvia Mancini, an Italian Cake designer

Interview with Silvia Mancini, an Italian Cake designer

Interview with Silvia Mancini, an Italian Cake designerInterview with Silvia Mancini, an Italian Cake designer

As well as making her own creations, Silvia organises individual and group training courses, participates in cake design events throughout Italy, and collaborates with ice-cream salons and patisseries as a consultant or lead designer in the decorative phase of production.

On March 2016 she came to Dubai for her amazing Modelling Classes “One Day Class Holla Hop Girl”, organized by Nozeen’s Kitchen Accecories n Baking Supplies.

Hi Silvia, welcome in Dubai. Is it your first time here? Do you like it? You came here from Italy to perform your training course, right?

Hi, thank you so much. Yes, it’s my first time here in Dubai and I like it. I hope to come back soon. Yes, I came here to teach at my modelling classes, three days in Dubai and then in Bahrain. My course is about decoration of cake, especially to create the modelling and the figures. During this year, I developed a kind of character just mine, so the figures are more expressive and people like this and start calling me to organize the courses.

– Can you tell us more about your modelling classes?

The students will be guided by me as they learn the basic techniques and perfect the execution of various modelingInterview with Silvia Mancini, an Italian Cake designer activities with sugar paste.  The following techniques will be learned in the course: Correct use of various modeling tools; Technical construction of a complete subject: the students will learn how to realize a dynamic body using the teacher personal technique, that permits to realize it without the aid of any support.
Creating and painting face: learning and perfecting techniques of modeling and painting face made from sugar paste. the partecipants will learn how create and model the facial expression. Through the day’s lesson, the students will learn the various techniques, become self-sufficient and will be able to independently model figures out of sugar paste.

You are an amazing artist-pastry Chef: When did this passion start in you ? And how did it happen?

The first time that I worked with the sugar paste was 6 years ago, when I created a cake for my daughter. I studied in English books all the techniques and then I continued by myself to study and improve my techniques.

Looks like you enjoy a lot during your creations, is it true?

Yes, I enjoy it so much. In fact, if I’m angry, I can’t create nothing because it’s impossible. As I told to my students Interview with Silvia Mancini, an Italian Cake designer“you have to touch the sugar paste as a woman or a flower with gentle movements so you have to be relaxed and you have fun with your creation”. I like to tell and create a story with the cakes.

What’s the secret of this art? And how long time need to create the cake?

There is not secret, it’s just about the passion and you have to be like a warrior cause something could happen and you need to be concentrated in your creations. From covering cake and decoration almost 2 hours, for 1 single character almost one hour or one hour and half.