Interview with Jiang Meiyan: a famous contemporary Painter

Interview with Jiang Meiyan: a famous contemporary Painter

Interview with Jiang Meiyan: a famous contemporary Painter

It’s an honour for me to meet you during your SOLO EXHIBITION at Hilton Hotel Sharjiah.Interview with Jiang Meiyan: a famous contemporary Painter

First of all, congratulations for your beautiful collections of painting.

Is it your first time here in the United Arab Emirates? Do you like them?

It is my fourth time here. I like this country, so decide again to be back with an UAE TOUR: it’s starting from Sharjiah Emirate and it will continue in the others one.

The main subjects of your #art  works are flowers: beautiful, colourful, shining, big and small, with such a real details. Could you tell us the reason of your inspiration?

Yes, it’s true. I love painting flowers in every particular and size. The reason is wriInterview with Jiang Meiyan: a famous contemporary Paintertten in my name: Mei is from a word that means painting, yan describes flowers, so my name means painting flowers and it is an artist name. Also as a woman, my sensitive is very strong and across my painting I can achieve my interior trip, because through them I can introduce myself.

You are graduated from Harbin Normal University, majored in Academy of Fine Arts, and graduated student of China Academy of Art and based in Beijing. You are also Member of Chinese Artist Association, Vice President of Heilongjiang Northern Sky Calligraphy. You won important awards.

In 2009 work “Oriental Angel” won the gold medal in the “Meet Xiangjiang” in the fifth figure painting exhibition. In the same year, “Wind Traceability” won the gold medal in the annual “World’s most influential Chinese artists” works of art contest.

Also in 2009, you were named the most influential Chinese artist and in 2013, you were elected national artist at Heilongjiang province. Your art work “The story of the vase” was selected national arts exhibition and won the highest award. So in my opinion, everybody has to come to admire your wonderful paintings. Could you tell us where to see them?

Thank you very much. My SOLO EXHIBITION will be in Hilton Hotel Sharjiah at Secolo Art Gallery, starting from Interview with Jiang Meiyan: a famous contemporary PainterSeptember 12th until to October 12th 

The opening night hosted important guest: Chairman of Sharjiah Commercial Chamber, Somalia Minister, some rapresentants of Ministry of Culture. Music performance of a duo pianist-violinist and a Chinese mandolin player.

The event is sponsored by Hilton Hotel Sharjiah and Monviso Water. Art Curator Houda Oueslati, Secolo Art Gallery.