Iftar & Suhoor Part 2: our Selection of Restaurants in Dubai

Iftar & Suhoor Part 2: our Selection of Restaurants in Dubai

Iftar & Suhoor Part 1: the best selection of Ramadan TentIftar & Suhoor Part 2: our Selection of Restaurants in Dubai

What is the difference between iftar and suhoor? Both are the names given to meals taken outside fasting time during Ramadan: iftar occurs after sunset and suhoor before sunrise. Once the sun sets on a day of fasting, it’s a joyous occasion of eating and socialising. Most hotels and restaurants offer special iftar meals, most commonly a large spread of Middle Eastern mezze favourites such as hommus and falafel, and some traditional Emirati dishes such as baby camel, grilled sea-bass and halva (a dense Turkish-style dessert of seeds and honey), all washed down with rose-scented and date juices. Fruits, sweetened grains, yogurts and puddings are the main features of a suhoor meal, which is eaten just before sunrise.

Time: Iftar starts at sunset till 8.30/9pm; Suhoor starts after 9pm till 2am (check before booking)!!

We have selected for you restaurants with different prices: enjoy the magic of those places!! 🙂

At.mosphere A sleek restaurant serving contemporary European cuisine on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa. Iftar is a nine-course experience menu inspired by cuisine of the Maghreb. Dishes will include favourites such as hummus, harira soup and slow-cooked lamb shoulder with raisins and almonds. Dhs750 per person. Sunset-11pm.

Location: Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai

Em Sherif Iftar is a set menu starting with dates and adas soup (lentil soup), followed by Lebanese cold mezze and hot Iftar & Suhoor Part 2: our Selection of Restaurants in Dubaimezze courses, mixed grills, a main course that varies on a daily basis, traditional desserts and drinks including jallab and qamar el dine. A complete suhoor menu will also be served, including ful medames and moutabal along with mixed grills and desserts. Traditional drinks including jallab, tamr hindi and amar el dine. There will be traditional Ramadan entertainment during suhoor, including live tarab music. Iftar: Dhs320. Suhoor: Dhs360. Iftar: Sunset-9pm. Suhoor: 11pm-3am.

Location: The Address Downtown Dubai

MusicHall During Ramadan, you can enjoy suhoor with an à la carte menu of classic Lebanese cooking to the tune of diverse live performances from across the Arab world. Dhs190 minimum spend. Daily 9pm-2am.

Location: Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Palm Jumeirah

Clé Dubai New! Lebanese-Australian chef Greg Malouf’s award-winning restaurant will be serving its first iftar this year. On offer will be a three-course menu, featuring dishes such as salmon and prawn tagine, ma’hanie sausage with harissa potatoes, Malouf’s signatures of summer tabbouleh salad and lamb ouzi, plus traditional desserts of baklava or kunafa. Dhs180 per person. Daily sunset-9.30pm.

Location: Al Fattan Currency House, DIFC

The Atrium-Grand MillenniumIftar & Suhoor Part 2: our Selection of Restaurants in Dubai

The Atrium restaurant will be featuring a scrumptious Iftar buffet and an attractive rate throughout the month of Ramadan which is Dhs140 per person and you can also book ten people and pay for nice only. The décor of the restaurant will be complemented with an Arabic feel through handing curtains, lanterns and many more beautifully authentic decorative pieces.

Location: Grand Millennium Hotel, TECOM