Happiness Talks – Spreading Happiness on 9th January 2017

Happiness Talks - Spreading Happiness on 9th January 2017

Happiness Talks – Spreading Happiness on 9th January 2017

In support of the “U.A.E Happiness initiative” to connect the community through Happiness in the “Year of the Giving 2017”, The Spreading Happiness Team: Vonni Events, Touch Points Consultancy and Marsam Mattar have collaborated to bring to the community, “Happiness Talks – Spreading Happiness”.

Happiness is certainly not an option. Everyone wants to be happy, and be happy all the time. It is a very basic and an undeniable human requirement. It is a reality that must be enabled in you to be a happy person for the good of yourself and others, in organisations to achieve better business results and in communities to be a happy country.

Developing a “Happy Mindset” is where it needs to start otherwise Happiness remains just an event that is short lived, not consistent and definitely not a lifestyle.

If you are looking to enable a “Happy Mindset” for inner and sustainable happiness rather than a happy event for a short lived pleasure or joy this is the place to be. On a monthly basis at Happiness Talks we will share with you thought provoking sessions by industry and topic experts, who will give you tips, tools and techniques using the science and neuroscience of happiness, to develop a happy mindset and live a happy lifestyle. Become a part of this unique initiative to attain and spread happiness as a mindset and a lifestyle.

The first Happiness Talk – Spreading happiness event was launched on 9th  December 2016.

Upcoming Happiness Talks Event is scheduled for the 9th of January 2017.

Speaker Profiles

Roberto Re: International High Performance Coach

More than 25 years of experience “on the field”, more than 300,000 partecipants to his seminars, thousands of Happiness Talks - Spreading Happiness on 9th January 2017teachings and hundreds of Personal Coaching, make Roberto Re, one of the number one in the European training.

He has been working with entrepreneurs, managers of companies, i.e. Deutsche Bank, IBM, NOKIA, Henkel, Telecom Italia, INA, Banca Mediolanum, Banca MPS, Pirelli, people of the show business, football players and athletes, among which Jessica Rossi, gold medal winner in the Trap shooting at the Olympic Games of London 2012 and sport coaches,  among which Roberto Mancini, head coach of Manchester  City FC. He has always had a great media appeal: therefore he took part in prestigious radio and TV programmes and he has been men­ tioned in the main  national  headings. His personal education has been given directlyby Anthony Robbins. Not only managers, but also men and women of all ages and doing different jobs turn to Roberto: athletes looking for better results,managers convinced of the propulsive strength of the training but even people just willing to be responsible for their destiny. His books, became best-seller: “Leader of Thyself” and “Stop messing you  up”  published  by  Mondadori  both,  sold  more  than  300,000 copies on  the Italian market. In February 2009 he held the seminar “From Manager to Leader”: a real training event with the participation of more than 600 managers coming from all regions of ltaly and 180 different companies, from which has been create  a new yearly training program now sold all overltaly. In October 2011 he create the Italian Leadership Award, a prize given to renowned Italian who stood out in their fields and represented undoubted examples of professionalism and competence.

In September 2012, he produced the first movie on Leadership: ”The Leadership  Factor”.

Eva Kovac: Performance & Sports Psychologist and ConsultantHappiness Talks - Spreading Happiness on 9th January 2017

Eva works with 24a Life as a performance psychologist and consultant.

In her current role Eva leads programs for work health promotion (antistress, weight loss school, communication…) and improving performance (talent management) within the company and with serval companies worldwide (Brussles, Serbia, UAE, India). Supporting clients and HR departments to establish work health promotion programs/ employees wellbeing programs. She conducts scientific research related to psychological and multidisciplinary aspects of stress and healthy lifestyle. Developing (psychological) instruments for stress detection and detection of risk factors related to psychosomatic diseases. Creating different programs (led by mobile application) for coping with stress and adopting healthy lifestyle. Eva is also instrumental in developing IT solution for leading a healthy lifestyle. Cooperating with computer science experts to include psychological, sport, medicine and nutrition knowledge into IT. Developing IT solution for work health promotion. Working within multidisciplinary team of kinesiologists, nutritionists, physicians, psychologists, economists and IT experts.

Area of work: Stress Management, Health Psychology, Sports & Recreation Psychology, Positive Psychology, Work Psychology, Health Promotion, Employees wellbeing, Talent management.

Happiness Talks - Spreading Happiness on 9th January 2017

Event and Group Discussion Moderators

Adnan Butt – Managing + Director for Results – Touch Points

Ghanim Al Falasi – SVP People Happiness, Innovation, Supply Chain – DSOA

Rehan Naeem – Director of Corporate Happiness – Touch points

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Happiness Talks - Spreading Happiness on 9th January 2017                     Happiness Talks - Spreading Happiness on 9th January 2017                                Happiness Talks - Spreading Happiness on 9th January 2017