Happiness Talks @ Marsam Mattar on 17th April 2017

Happiness Talks continues to spread happiness in "The Year of Giving"

Happiness Talks @ Marsam Mattar on 17th April 2017

About Happiness Talks

In support of the “U.A.E Happiness initiative” to connect the community through Happiness in the “Year of the Giving 2017”, The Spreading Happiness Team: Vonni Events, Touch Points Consultancy and Marsam Mattar have collaborated to bring to the community, “Happiness Talks – Spreading Happiness”

If you are looking to enable a “Happy Mindset” for inner and sustainable happiness rather than a happy event for a short lived pleasure or joy this is the place to be.

On a monthly basis at Happiness Talks we will share with you thought provoking sessions by industry and topic experts, who will give you tips, tools and techniques using the science and neuroscience of happiness, to develop a happy mindset and live a happy lifestyle.

Become a part of this unique initiative to attain and spread happiness as a mindset and a lifestyle.

For highlights of past events please visit : https://www.facebook.com/happinesstalksdubai/

Introduction to Happiness

Happiness is certainly not an option. Everyone wants to be happy, and be happy all the time. It is a very basic and an undeniable human requirement. It is a reality that must be enabled in you to be a happy person for the good of yourself and others, in organisations to achieve better business results and in communities to be a happy country.

Developing a “Happy Mindset” is where it needs to start otherwise Happiness remains just an event that is short lived, not consistent and definitely not a lifestyle.

Happiness Talks Programme 17th April 2017

18:30 : Registrations & Networking

19:15 : Welcome & Introduction – Weapon of Mass Happiness By Ghanim Al Falasi

19:20 : Tools for Happiness By Eiman Al Khateeri

19:40 : YOU 2.0 – Happiness hacks to help you upgrade your wellbeing By Dr. Samineh I Shaheem

We need to more regularly upgrade our ‘Happiness App’ by having greater insights regarding perceptions, limiting beliefs, unconscious drives/influences, and emotional allergies. While learning new skills and drawing attention to our strengths is a necessary part of this journey, we also need to examine our negativity biases and unlearn certain habits that may be imprisoning our sense of satisfaction

20:05 : Group Activity & DiscussionAn interactive group discussion on the lessons learnt from the happiness talk sessions and its application to our own worlds to make ourselves, people around us, the community a happy place.

20:15 : Refreshments & Networking

 Speakers Profiles                                                               

Dr. Samineh I Shaheem : Professor of Organisational Behaviour & Leadership at HULT International Business School; Learning & Development Specialist

Dr. Samineh I. Shaheem is a Professor of Organizational Behavior & Leadership at Hult International Business School and Learning & Development Specialist for private and public organizations throughout the region and abroad.

Learning and development has been the main focus of her 20 year career, in a deep and deliberate manner, through the application of psychological and adult educational principles and practices. She has worked in the USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, and now the UAE.

She writes for the Huffington Post and has a weekly column in the Khaleej Times. She regularly co-hosts a radio program on 103.8 FM Dubai discussing the most relevant social psychological issues in our community and is a regular keynote speaker at local and international events and conferences. Dr Shaheem is a life long learner and believes, ‘to learn more is to live more.’

Eiman Al Khateeri: Special Needs & Humanitarian Specialist;Certified Professional Coach;Positivity & Happiness Influencer

Emirati young inspiring coach who experienced self awareness and mature consciousness through different attributes in terms of professionalism, society and education.

Through five years working with special needs, cognitive disability in particular, Eiman found her life purpose in serving humanity which reflects the caring, compassion and empathy in every nature soul. Crucial Inspiration on her personality and life caused by the UAE leaders who focused on visualizing the future vision and bring it into the present.

Since 2011 she was visualizing her future in achieving her goals and making positive impact on people around her who were affected by the vibes. All the processes and psychological development starting from NLP, EFT to laughter yoga practices and concluding new healthier life styles within the society concepts were her most passionate aim. She leaded several workshops and training lectures as a professional coach, in addition, to spreading awareness through social media as an activist.

Spreading Happiness Team: Adnan Butt – Managing + Director for Results – Touch Points

Spreading Happiness Organizer: Vonni Events, Touch points, Marsam Mattar

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Venue: Marsam Mattar