Galeries Lafayette’s Ramadan Campaign: Fann Ramadan

Galeries Lafayette’s Ramadan Campaign: Fann Ramadan

Press Release

Galeries Lafayette’s Ramadan Campaign: Fann Ramadan

With the world changing in so many ways for the past six months & shifting to digital – it should no longer come as a surprise to imagine garments made of pixels – instead of textiles.

This Ramadan Galeries Lafayette takes an artistic approach by involving art through conceptual installations and by collaborating with TODA (Theatre of Digital Art) a multi-sensory, multi-media immersive exhibition -to bring digital & traditional fashion to motion into The Dubai Mall.

The most sought-after hi-tech digitization concept is set in motion during the campaign launch Fann Ramadan From 1 April to 15 May 2021, by having TODA animating Galeries Lafayette’s windows through an innovative artistic projection on curated selections of Ready to-wear Ramadan collections .

Explore an array of your favorite fashion, beauty and home collections through an artistic prospective and take part in a glimpse of whimsical & contemporary experience this Ramadan.

Embracing today’s laid-back- chic lifestyle, this year’s Ramadan trend has taken the effortless sophisticated fashion to another level. From casual and quirky sustainable lounge wear from Kleed to wearable art from regional emerging brands such as Parade & Savannah Creations.

Today’s contemporary trend also includes an architectural influence as seen in Azzalia’s collection which embraces dramatic vertical pleats, or through accessories, Mlouye and The Volon’s contemporary brands designed with geometrical and bold shapes.

In terms of menswear, the emerged collection for Ramadan will comprise of unexpected playful contrasts in terms of colors, textiles and prints as well as a cozy sartorial dressing from various brands such as; Versace Jeans couture, Pal Ziliri, Projects Dubai, Mandatory, EA7, Y3, GCDS to name a few.

When fashion and technology unite, creativity arises making room for more self-expression. That being said, if there is one thing we learnt as we were all confined in our homes, and in awe of “digital dressing” behind our screens, is that we do not have to compromise our style to be comfortable in our staples.

Hence, the digital fashion offers today the possibility to imagine & curate new fantasized creations and limitless digital shapes and bring them to life.