Florence International Artisan Fair 2019

Florence International Artisan Fair 2019

Florence International Artisan Fair 2019

For the 83 rd edition, the showcase will be totally revamped with brand new content.

‘Innovation’ and ‘tradition’ are two words that have always characterised the Florence International Artisan Fair and this year, they take on further meaning.

The 2019 edition, scheduled to run from April 24 until May 1 at the Fortezza da Basso, will be an extraordinary event, different from previous ones, with a revamped exhibition system.

The event will be equipped with a modern staging, designed especially to best-display the products, optimising the experience of participants and facilitating easy contact with the 600 exhibitors that will be present.

The event offers the possibility to visit a global village, where the excellence of made-by-hand products from all over the world will be on full and glorious display. It also gives visitors the opportunity to buy unique hand-made pieces.

The Exhibition is divided into sections, making the experience clearer for visitors.

Within the section Territori you will find L’Italia, with homegrown artisans and businesses, there is also a section named Il Mondo, which is dedicated to international artisans.

In the section named Manufatti per tutti, there will be many small products available. You can choose between Sartoria e accessori, Ecologia e recupero e Lavorazioni in diretta, where it will also be possible to watch products being made.

Next there will be a section labelled Nuovissimi, reserved for young people and centred on makers and digital crafts. An area called Bellezze e benessere, will contain artisans who work on cosmetics, perfumes and products for skin care. There is also a section called Artigianato del Gusto, which will have various presentations and the opportunity to taste excellent culinary products, watch cooking shows, workshops and seminars.

Over the course of the eight days of the exhibition, as part of the Artigiani in scena program, it will be possible to participate in various educational activities and meet professionals from different craft sectors, attending live demonstrations and watching them work.