Fashion Show with Buffet @ Grand Millennium Hotel on June 21 2014

Fashion Show with Buffet @ Grand Millennium Hotel on June 21 2014

Mrs Simona Briggiotta, Events Coordinator of Dubai Events Blog, organize the Fashion Show at Grand Millennium Hotel Dubai on June 21 2014.

Mrs Tatiana Perin presents Fashion Show with Buffet. Italian luxury fashion Designer, firmed a collection of night dress and lingerie, precious and beautiful items Made in Italy, with high-quality materials, appreciated all over the world.

The project springs from a deep reflection on possible ways to establish a connection betweeFashion Show with Buffet @ Grand Millennium Hotel on June 21 2014n prospective
customers from United Arab Emirates and some small Italian craft businesses specialized in creating a high-quality
range of products.

That connection with United Arab Emirates would be vital for those Italian businesses that still produce high-grade
collections in spite of the crisis (which would require a lower standard to reduce prices). Their courageous choice
stems from a strong bond of affection: from blood ties with their own families and with their cultural roots as well, so
that they consider their work not only as a job to make a living, but also as a tradition to be protected.

Dubai is the perfect location to introduce those smart craftsmanlike goods to extremely demanding customers, who would be able to appreciate sensual and sofisticated collections, conveying the very best of the true “made in Italy”.

Project goal: to set up a business capable of meeting the customer’s top-quality and luxury requests, while monitoringFashion Show with Buffet @ Grand Millennium Hotel on June 21 2014
satisfaction, in order to subsequently be able to insert those Italian-made products into exclusive local distribution

The businesses are of different types: corsetry, lingerie, interior design (mainly for bathroom and bedroom). All of them are Italian, except for one of corsetry, which is French, because of its special ability and sofisticated taste.

Their key asset is their special artisan technique, which creates original pieces of work. They use very precious
materials and fabrics and all their goods have a taylor’s cut or special design. In addition to this, they are able to offer
unique creations, literally taylor-made on customer’s requests: it is possible to commission size, cut and colour.

Their style is both Arabian and European in order to be sure to meet local taste as well, but of course it mainly shows
and enhances the typical features of original made-in-Italy commodities, which stands for top quality worldwide.

A show-room will be available for several days after the event, so it will be possible to try the items and to place the orders through personal appointment with the customers.

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