Expo Dubai: Italy’s agrifood takes centre stage at the global digital event ‘Food, Agriculture and Livelihoods’

Expo Dubai: Italy's agrifood takes centre stage at the global digital event 'Food, Agriculture and Livelihoods'  

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Expo Dubai: Italy’s agrifood takes centre stage at the global digital event ‘Food, Agriculture and Livelihoods’  

Contributions by Fontana (C.L.A.N.), Riccaboni (PRIMA, Santa Chiara Lab), Cresti (Santa Chiara Lab), Scordamaglia (Filiera Italia) at the pre-Expo Initiative 

Thanks to the excellence, challenges and prospects of its agrifood sector, Italy is back at centre stage at the pre-Expo global digital events, a series of previews one year ahead of the forum that will open on the important themes of the Universal Expo at Dubai, due to kick off on 1st October 2021. 

At the “Food, Agriculture and Livelihoods Week”, scheduled for Tuesday, 23 February, the Italian Commissioner’s Office for Expo 2020 Dubai, together with its partners, will participate with contributions on key aspects of the agrifood sector and on nutrition in the post-COVID era, presenting innovativesolutions for a healthier and more sustainable agriculture. 

Italy Pavilion will participate in the digital event with a live special starting at 2:30 PM on the Facebookpage of the Italian Commissioner’s Office for Expo 2020 Dubai, https://www.facebook.com/ItalyExpo2020, featuring a preview of the key issues that will be debated in the numerous initiatives on this theme on theagenda of the 6-month Expo: from optimizing water resources in agriculture, to fertilizing and farming aridlands, defending the biodiversity of forests and promoting the Mediterranean diet. 

The digital event will feature contributions by Mauro Fontana, President of Cluster Agrifood NazionaleCL.A.N., who will be speaking on Bioeconomy, nutrition and health; Luigi Scordamaglia, Managing Director of Filiera Italia, who will illustrate the functioning of the Italianagrifood production chain, a model of competitive sustainability; Angelo Riccaboni, President of Fondazione PRIMA and of the Santa Chiara Lab of the University of Siena, who will explain the power of cooperation in the area of food innovation, the driver of scientific diplomacy in the Mediterranean area; Simone Cresti, Project Manager at the Santa Chiara Lab of the University of Siena, who will outline thebest practices in the agrifood sector in the Mediterranean area. 

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