Eshak – City Walk Dubai: The ideal place for your Iftar & Suhoor

Eshak - City Walk Dubai: The ideal place for your Iftar & Suhoor

Eshak – City Walk Dubai: The ideal place for your Iftar & Suhoor

I discovered a new restaurant in City Walk: Eshak Dubai, Middle-Eastern fusion cuisine with an Uzbek influence.

It’s a lovely place and you can decide to eat outdoor or indoor. The design is very accurate: I loved their comfy and old style armchairs and the cool paintings at the wall.

During Ramadan, you can have your Iftar Set Menu’ (starting at the sunset; price 125 aed/person) or Suhoor (starting at 9pm; price 80 aed/person).

I had an amazing Iftar starting with a rich bowl of lentil soup, baba ghannoj and my favorite starter ever an amazing eggplant salad (best seller of the house).

Then I tried chicken kutabs and, as cheese lover, I had of course some cheese rokakat. As main course, I had BBQ Chicken and Pilaf. At the end, couldn’t go at home without tasting also some dessert: knefee and mouhalabiye.

Hey, are you thinking that I ate everything alone? No, I couldn’t…My mom was with me and we enjoyed the dinner together.

The service was very good as well and the manager very kind with us.

The place offers a variety of food items and the taste and quality is absolute. Sheesha is also available for all the sheesha lovers. The ambiance was really pleasant and the customer service was quite good.

Diners at Eshak are invited to immerse themselves in a unique ‘Choyhona’ concept that draws inspiration from the rich culture of the Silk Route, marked with homely touches, generous portions and friendly service.

Dive into a fusion menu conceptualized by expert Chef Bachir Rahal, who masterfully blends Uzbek, Caucasian, Armenian, Georgian, European and Middle Eastern tastes, re-imagining the traditional whilst staying loyal to authentic roots.
Highlight dishes include pilafs, kebabs, veal and lamb dumplings, as well as mouth-watering deserts of baklava and chak-chak.
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