Press Release


Ennio Capasa goes back to being one of the main characters in fashion industry by introducing a completely self-financed and independent brand, that was revealed during Milan Fashion week. Capasa Milano, is the name chosen for the new label and it was officially debut at the Arcimboldi Theater on February 22, on the first day of MFW. He said the collection is titled “before it starts” as his intention was to launch it in September 2022.

A whole new project managed by the Capasa family; that will see Ennio as its artistic director, his brother Carlo, president of Italy’s Camera della moda, in a strategic role and his sister Rita will also be part of the team in marketing and distribution based in New York. A structure that clearly recalls the one adopted with Costume National in the 90s, that saw Ennio as the creative mind, Carlo as the strategic leader and Rita as the business manager in the United States.

Capasa Milano will be a high-ranking collection, composed by both women and man clothing initially sold online. Ready-to-wear will be outsourced, thanks to a collaboration with Modit and shoes will be produced by HIM CO. Even if the Capasa collection will be positioned in the higher-range, Capasa likes the idea of a broad price mix, so the prices may start from a t-shirt that retails at 80 euros to a jacket that costs 3,000 euros.

The main priorities for the designer in this new project are: emphasizing made in Italy production, timeless collections, sustainability and inclusion. “I learned about sustainability from Carlo, he stimulated me in this sense,” said Capasa.

Ennio remains confident on the future, despite the difficulties and uncertainties linked to this particular moment in time. “During a crisis or more delicate and difficult times, you need more energies, a strong point of view and if you take action, there will be a response,” he stated. Capasa then said that he felt revitalized by the times, declaring that this is a stimulating social moment, because the generations today have both strong ethics and values and as a result consumers and the markets are more open.

One more thing Capasa would also like to create, is a small factory in Apulia with and industrial partner, as he says that this region of Italy is extremely ahead when it comes to fashion production and it offers great possibility of industrial development.