Embassy of Italy in Abu Dhabi – 16 December 2019

Embassy of Italy in Abu Dhabi – First ever event in the UAE on Business Integrity of Italian Companies

The Embassy of Italy in Abu Dhabi hosted the Italian Business Integrity Day (IBID) on December 16 2019, in the margins of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Convention Against corruption (UNCAC).

IBID is a project launched by the Italian Foreign Ministry, in cooperation with Transparency International-Italian chapter and some of the major Italian companies operating abroad.

The workshop in Abu Dhabi, in the form of a panel discussion, has featured a number of Italian companies including ENI and SNAM who have presented their best practices of organizational models and compliance programs to prevent corruption and illegality in the business activity and corporate governance.

Throughout IBID events, the Italian Foreign Ministry supports the external projection of the private sector, also in terms of the adherence to the highest standards of ethics and the rule of law. After previous events hosted in Oslo, Paris, Washington, Vienna, San Paolo and London, the Italian Business Integrity Day has come to Abu Dhabi not only due to the UN Conference of the Convention against Corruption but first and foremost considering the strategic importance of the UAE as a global hub for the Italian economic system.

The UAE are indeed the most important market for the Italian export in the MENA Region and this Country hosts more than 250 Italian companies on-shore and around 300 off-shore. The bilateral trade was around 5.7 bln euros last year and the 10% of the overall trade surplus of Italy comes from the exchanges with the UAE.