Dubai Street Museum @ 2nd December Street

Dubai Street Museum @ 2nd December Road

Dubai Street Museum @ 2nd December Street

A Story in Picture.

Dubai Street Museum is an initiative of public art which involved 16 international and local artists in the decoration of some buildings walls of the 2nd December Street in Satwa District. Approved by Sheikh Al Maktoum, the five year-project, it intends to convert many other areas of Dubai in places of public art. It is organized by Brand Dubai, a young team that defines themeselves the “creative arm of the Governement of Dubai Media Office”. Brand Dubai is a creator furthemore of Dubai 3D Canvas Art Festival (in collaboration with Meraas, the third edition from 1st to March 10, 2017) and the Flag Garden on Kyte Beach for the celebration of the 45 years of the UAE union.

The artists were asked to reflect on the themes of tradition and the Emirati bedouin culture.

Photo 1: Inkman. Tunisian artist and graphic designer, has represented a quote of Sheik Mohammed: “A positive spirit resides in our soul. It demands our attention and play a strong role”. The huge mural, made with the technique of Arabic calligraphy, breaks the horizontal movement of the façade by converging gaze at the center. He plays a forerunner role in all project work.

Photo 2: Martin Watson, Norway. With the stencil technique has painted a man intent to climb a palm tree to represent the traditional date collection.

Photo 3: The French artist Kan uses the nineteenth-century technique of pointillism and with 75,000 dots plays on the facade, building a typical Arab texture.

Photo 4: The French Vincent Abadie Hafez, aka Zepha, has demonstrated its ability in the art of Arabic calligraphy creating the largest mural project. He found inspiration in poetry and has taken advantage of the verticality of the wall to stage their craftsmanship in the making of this intricate composition.

Photo 5: Seth Globepainter, French artist who has drawn children on the walls of many city in world invites us to play, by painting these two children dressed in traditional clothing. Her work is called “Prohibited”, and certainly lends itself to many interpretations.

Photo 6: The Chinese Hua Tunan before facing the challenge of making this wonderful hawk, one of the most important symbols of the Emirates, has done many studies from life. On his Instagram page, you can see some pictures and details of preliminary sketches. A work study and truly remarkable anatomical precision that characterizes his entire artistic production.

Photo 7 and 8: There are two works by Case Ma’Claim, German artist. Both are placed perfectly in line with the theme of the project: the past, the tradition and hospitality. The artist has made them after careful photographic studio. Hands are often at the center of its production, and also on the two walls of Dubai are the protagonists of the narrative. In Peace be with you are the hands of a woman serving coffee with Dallah, the typical coffee. The Old Fisherman are the hands of a fisherman struggling with the network, its working tool.

Photo 9: Ernest Zacherevic, Lithuanian artist, often focuses on his work and children play. In this case the 7 children running around the circle, traditional local game would be the 7 Emirates that after the union in 1971, run in the same direction and with the same goals. The realization was preceded by a photo shoot.

Photo 10: Julia Volchkova. The Russian girl artist proposes another symbol of Emirati tradition, the Abra, the boat that still is used to cross the creek.

Photo 11: 1010, the German artist has created, using its distinctive 3D style a kind of portal in the shape of the UAE, using the colors of the sand and ocean.

Picture 12: Atlas Art with its Capital Letters, branch of the study of the Kufic calligraphic style, declines its labyrinthine signature black and white or, as colored in this case with a deep blue, playing with the graphic effects and thereby filling an entire facade vertical of a building.

Photo 13: Maisoon Al Saleh, Emirati artist with his work, “Trading Correspondance”, reproduces the images of the stamps used it in the UAE after the unification of 1971.

Photo 14: Artwork by Diaa Allam, founder of Na7t Designs, Brand UAE of Arabic calligraphy, fashion and lifestyle.

Link: Brand Dubai  Brand Dubai Instagram video