Dubai Jazz Fest was a resounding success

Dubai Jazz Fest Day 1 was a residing success

Dubai Jazz Fest was a resounding success

The  critically  acclaimed  Emirates  Airline  Dubai  Jazz  Festival  lived  up  to  its   promise  of  an  amazing  start  to a  three-­‐day  extravaganza.Dubai Jazz Fest Day 1 was a residing success

Day 1: It  was  the  opening  night  of  the  14th   edition  of  the  festival  and  the  atmosphere was  electric  as  Youtube Sensation  Postmodern  Jukebox   began  to  thrill  the  festival  goers with  spectacular  tap  dancing.  Their  energy was  truly  contagious   playing  hits  like  “Bad Romance”  and  “My  Heart  Will  Go  On”.  They  even  had  the audience  singing   along  to  the popular  cover  of  Justin  Bieber’s  “Sorry”.

Dubai Jazz Fest Day 1 was a residing success

Following  was  British  Rock  Band  James  who  did  an  encore  as  “Moving  On”  and  “Sit  Down”  weren’t   enough.  It  was  inevitable  seeing  as  the  audience  was  begging  for  more!  Everyone  was  in  for  a   special  surprise  as  Tim  Booth  jumped  into  the  Fan  Pit  and  Golden  Circle  to  sing  along  with  all  their   fans  bringing  out  one  of  the  biggest  cheers  of  the  night!

Then  the  Legendary  Band  Toto  launched  into  their  rocking  performance  wherein  the  level  of   musicianship Dubai Jazz Fest Day 1 was a residing success onstage  was  immediately  apparent.  Everyone  at  the  audience,  regardless  of  their   age  danced  along  to  each  of  their  tunes.  The  world-­‐class  live  band  was  in  exceptionally  fine  form,   starting  off  at  a  high  level  and  keeping  the  energy  up  throughout  their  entire  show.  Their   impressive  set  list  included  “Africa”,  “I’ll  Be  Over  You”  and  the  joyous  jazzy  grooves  of  “Rosanna”.

Day 2: Soulful and intense, English Singer-songwriter David Gray gave a mesmerizing and emotional performance. He connected with the audience and gave a performance full of energy, even though he was Dubai Jazz Fest was a resounding successa bit under the weather. His stage presence was incredible and vocals were stellar.  Always on time and in the groove, Master Trumpeter Chris Botti along with his top-notch band mates showcased their enchanting tones to a spellbound audience. Fans applauded his high notes and were impressed with his dramatic flair, expanding his fan base within the Gulf region.  About 70 minutes into the night, the crowd exploded for the third time as the Legendary Sting joined the concert. It was a dazzling and spot on performance with almost an hour and a half of gorgeous singing and symphonic music, including an inescapable encore to end the show.

Day 3: It was an incredible night last February 26 as the music legend, Carlos Santana, graced the stage for the Dubai Jazz Fest was a resounding successsecond time in Dubai Jazz Festival history.

Santana brought his all-star band, which included his wife and former Lenny Kravitz drummer, Cindy Blackman.  His band’s performance was stellar. They played with enough rhythmic charisma to make an entire amphitheater dance.

It was amazing to see all the reactions not only onstage but also in the packed venue; the wide-eyed festival goers in the fan pit can’t keep their eyes off the superb performance delivered by one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time. His guitar style is impossible to miss. A pioneer in his area, the short melodies that flowed were soaring and inspiring.

The third day opened with the Argentinian group, La Bomba De Tiempo. Wearing their bright red uniforms and with the presence of djembes, Dubai Jazz Fest was a resounding successcongas, maracas, cowbells, and shakers, they started the evening into a sort of communal ritual that both absorbed and produced vibration, rhythm, and uncontrolled movement. Their ability to toy with rhythm and its power to transmit energy was evident throughout their show.

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