Dubai Events Blog On Tour: our Maldives Paradise Diary

Dubai Events Blog On Tour: our Maldives Paradise Diary

Dubai Events Blog On Tour: our Maldives Paradise Diary

“When she was just a girl, She expected the world, But it flew away from her reach so, She ran away in her sleep, And dreamed of Para-para-paradise, Para-para-paradise, Para-para-paradise, Every time she closed her eyes” (by Coldplay). That’s what happens to me when I woke up in paradise, in the Maldives.

A warm welcome await me, at “Hurawalhi Resort” where celebrity wedding planner, Patrizia Cilli is the exclusive planner. The sound of  Maldivian music, singing and drums with sparking champagne and fresh juice (for those who do not drink alcohol) upon arrival. Everything was magical, just perfect.
After a buggy car tour of the resort, I was brought to my home for the week: the one I have always dreamt of; a breath takingly stunning villa on palafitte on the crystal-clear water awaited.

My bed was in the middle of the room framed by the view of the beautiful blue sea, huge bathroom and a veranda with a ladder leading straight into the water. At night I was lullabied by the soothing sounds of the peaceful waves.

A perfect holiday among nature and relaxation; observing crabs walking along the shore, so many different kinds of multi colour fish that fill the sea, discover the abundance of plants in the mangrove forest, the wonderful coconut trees and long walks along the pristine beach. I was in heaven.
Glittering white sand, crystalline waters, palm trees soaring into the sky, with incredible sunsets, all so breath-taking. The resort has several restaurants, I can choose to have breakfast on the veranda overlooking the sea; sip champagne whilst watching the sunset with a pod of dolphins passing, and dine in the world’s deepest underwater.

There are also wonderful excursions to the neighboring atolls; visit the turtle sanctuaries and if you are lucky, maybe swims with them also; you can never get enough of the snorkeling, swimming amongst all the wonderful sea creatures and even walking along the sea shore accompanied by white shark puppies.

And, even when clouds or rain surprised me, I took refuge in the luxurious SPA with a relaxing massage whilst enjoying the marine life through the clear glass floor, and after immersing into a bubble bath full of fragrant foam, sipping a smoothie fruit cocktail and breathing in the scent of the sea breeze, because of course the bathtub is placed on the veranda.  In the evening, live music and impeccable service from efficient and friendly Maldivian waiters await me. Before leaving, I pick up my photos taken by a photographer during my stay, buy souvenirs at the resort shop, and express my sincere gratitude to the team who have looked after me so well.

See you soon Hurawalhi. If you want the dream wedding in paradise I could not think of a better place, which is why I was not surprised to discover Patrizia Cilli has exclusively selected this hidden gem as one of her top wedding destinations for her brides to be.

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