Dress Code: your key for all access in the clubs by MM Fashion

Since I met Mariella Montanaro, immediately I felt a nice feeling. She is Italian like me and we love both fashion and events!

Mariella Montanaro is Professional Image Consultant, Personal Shopper and Wardrobe Consultant from Milan. With over 8 years experience in the Fashion and PR Industry, Mariella styles women from all over the world that include Russia, Italy, USA, China and now her clients are predominately from the United Arab Emirates. Good taste has always been her way of life. Searching for clothes that reflect her personality and without hesitation, wearing both vintage and cutting edge fashion. “Everybody needs the change to glam up! To create a unique, personal impression that works in harmony with their character and social environment” (she said). She is looking very nice with her Valentina’s  hair style: the famous black bobbed hair (caschetto), that has ispired the style of lots women.Dress Code: your key for all access in the Duabi's Clubs by MM Fashion

Valentina is one of the most influential European comics series, created in 1965 by the Italian artist Guido Crepax.

Originally a minor character working for the comic hero Neutron, Valentina became the sole protagonist of the series in 1967. Valentina Rosselli, whose appearance is inspired by silent film actress Louise Brooks, is a Milanese photojournalist. Her boyfriend, Philip Rembrandt, the super-hero Neutron, has the ability to paralyze people, animals or machines he has seen in the flesh or pictures. Later a child was born to Philip and Valentina, Mattia.

Now, Mariella gives us some tips about the dress code request in the most of Dubai’s clubs: just have a look for your access at all the parties in the city.

SMART ELEGANT: A smart and elegant dress code means wearing stylish, semi-formal attire that is appropriate for theDress Code: your key for all access in the Clubs by MM Fashion occasion. For women, short cocktail dresses, paired with low-heeled shoes and minimal accessories, meet the requirements of this dress code.
When the occasion calls for it, this dress code means wearing smart, casual attire. For women, a short black dress that ends 2 inches above the knee or a cocktail dress of silk, satin or velvet is appropriate as evening wear. Pencil skirts, trousers, white button-up shirts, blazers, silk blouses, pumps and smart belts can be worn for daytime events. A black cloak of velvet or satin is also appropriate. In summer, light colors can be worn during the day. Wearing dark colors during the day is appropriate in winter. The top button of the shirt should be done up for semi-formal occasions, and an open collar is acceptable for informal occasions. Shirts should have a collar and must be neatly pressed. Light or dark colored chinos, a check shirt and a jacket or a shirt and tie paired with a pair of jeans are acceptable choices for this dress code.

In this occasion Mariella decide to wear an orange dress from “Elisabetta Franchi”. She loves this brand, because She’s Italian like us and her style is very elegant and sexy in the same time.

1920’S INSPIRED STYLE: Get ready to see loads of throwback 1920’s Great Gatsby style dresses and accessories thisDress Code: your key for all access in the Clubs by MM Fashion year! There are already several celebrities, including Emmy Rossum and Sarah Jessica Parker, who are showing off their “Gatsby” flair. The key to success when putting together this look is to keep your accessories and hair simple, with a vintage elegance. From fringe covered cocktail dresses, to intricately beaded art deco patterns and elaborate hair pieces, there are many ways the average woman can successfully pull off this trend. We love the ability for all body types and ages to wear these styles and look amazing! So pull out your grandmother’s classic pearl strands, your old feathered headband from dance class, and style away!
Think Audrey Hepbern’s classic looks with Daisy Buchanan’s 1920’s style and you will START to get the idea…

In this occasion Mariella decide to wear this dress from “Pinko”, Italian brand too, where She can demonstrate her 20’s style with her new haircut.


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