Chef Rubio @ Piadèra’s “Suspended Meal” Event on 12th May 2017

Chef Rubio @ Piadèra's "Suspended Meal" Event on 12th May 2017

Chef Rubio @ Piadèra’s “Suspended Meal” Event on 12th May 2017

The most anticipated event is behind the corner: Chef Rubio, one of the most famous Italian Chef, is coming to Dubai. He will be attending the Piadera’s “Suspended Meal”Event on 12th of May 2017, supported by Embassy of Italy in the UAE and licensed by Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (license no. 390).

Piadèra has partnered up with Chef Rubio to bring the Suspended Meal to the next level: making it as an usual practice for any restaurant chain and bringing it to one of the most suitable Contries ever: UAE. 

UAE is an uniquely active Country in supporting the needful, as shown recently by making 2017 the Year of Giving, by launching the first tangible project for food re-distribution (transforming potential waste in an occasion to feed the needful) called Food Bank and for the previous ‘Value Blessings’ initiative. 

What does “Suspended Meal” mean? Suspending a meal works like this: you order two meals, one for you and the other for someone needful.

The Suspended Meal has been launched in Rome by Chef Rubio, the pioneer of ‘doing food and doing good‘ – together with famous writer Erri De Luca and some refugees – meals for the underprivileged people living in the neighboring community. This initiative has catalyzed the interest of the media in Italy, thus triggering a positive loop of solidarity and enhancing importance of these social practices.

Piadèra is blessed by the support of some of the most proactive charity institutions in UAE – Emirates Red Crescent and Ro’Yati Family Society, always in the first line when it comes to help the needful and actively involved in the Foodbank and Value Blessings initiatives. 

Ro’Yati Family Society has been supporting the Value the Blessings project. This latter collected and distributed edible food from hotels and hypermarket chains to families in need all throughout the year under the supervision of the Dubai Municipality (DM). 

Emirates Red Crescent is a volunteer humanitarian organization. In addition to its humanitarian role, Emirates Red Crescent has been involved in the distribution of the food in excess. 

Piadèra will launch this practice during the event on May 12th. For the special occasion, Piadèra will add a Suspended Meal for each Piadina (authentic Italian flatbread) purchased by the event attendants and will distribute them to people in need and construction workers with the help of the supporting organizations.  This practice will continue during Ramadan and for the whole summer: clients will be able to order a Suspended Meal for a minor amount while paying for their own meal at Piadèra in Trade Centre.

We invite you all to come, enjoy and make other people smile with a suspended meal.

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Time: 7pm-10pm

Location: C1 One Central, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai. The building in front of Ibis One Central in Dubai World Trade Centre. Location