Anna Chromy and The Chromy Award on January 19 2015 Abu Dhabi

Anna Chromy and The Chromy Award on January 19 2015 Abu Dhabi

Anna Chromy and The Chromy Award on January 19 2015 Abu Dhabi

IN THE NAME OF THE CLOAK: The Chromy Award 2015Anna Chromy and The Chromy Award on January 19 2015 Abu Dhabi

The Award ceremony will take place at the occasion of Sustainability Week, on 19 January 2015, between 4.15pm and 5.30 pm during the EU Innovation Panel at the Abu Dhabi National exhibition Center (ADNEC), Khaleej Al Arabi Street. The Award will be given by Anna Chromy, the artist who created the Award and its concept.

The CHROMY AWARD 2015 for Dr. Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, founders and pilots of Solar Impulse, the first Round-The-World-Solar Flight to start from Abu Dhabi in March 2015.

More than seven billion people inhabit this planet. They are all breathing with us, at this very moment. People of all races, religions, customs and lifestyles share the oxygen of this room and the sun that is right outside. These men and women are thousands of kilometers away from us, yet, sitting right beside us. It is not only the air that unites us; we are all inhabitants of this earth that we call home, even thought we violate it every day.

Our planet today suffers more than ever from social, economic and environmental injustices: 800 million people dying of hunger and who live in absolute poverty; forests that are crumbling from the indifference of a world too busy producing more and more; human rights trampled on in every continent. We still don’t live in the best possible world. The pollution of the oceans, the continuous disappearance of bio diversity, the over consumption of non-renewable energy – we can’t ignore this pain anymore, not as human beings and not as individuals endowed with morals.Anna Chromy and The Chromy Award on January 19 2015 Abu Dhabi

These are difficult but, at the same time, marvelous times. Today we have, for the first time in the history of humanity, the possibility to connect our hearts and our hopes, creating together the journey that we desire for tomorrow’s world. We can already smell the scent of a new way of living and seeing the world: the signs are everywhere, but they need someone to take hold of them and make them shine.

We just have to react and to transform the seeds of change into a better tomorrow for everyone.

Can we really change the world around us? Awaken the consciences? It seems impossible, not within our reach. Even trying seems Utopian and un-historic.

The white Cloak of Conscience started out as a block of marble weighing 250 tons, excavated from the Michelangelo Quarry in Carrara. It is the largest ever used in the history of sculpture. It’s impossible to shift, just like the convictions that govern our actions every day. It’s as heavy as the debts that we have towards the world and towards people who are less fortunate than us and who are forced to pay the price of our abuse.

Every stroke of the chisel is a challenge and an effort, made possible only by the knowledge and consciousness of what would become later. A work of art that required deep conviction and the dedication to an onerous, selfless and prolonged effort. A way of reasoning that is far from the majority of our political class.

Perhaps it’s madness to even think about it. However, it is here today, to demonstrate that an idea is stronger than any block of marble and any impossible challenge.

A sculpture that is in reality a small cathedral, five meters high, emptied inside in order to create a place of peace, which allows us to connect to our profound inner self. It is the cloak that Saint Martin ripped to share with a poor beggar – an icon of the generosity of which man is capable, if only he discovers the immense richness hidden behind the act of giving. The walls and interior may look bare, but are full of what really matters. What will happen to us once we leave this world? Some would say that nothing remains except for things and belongings that we leave behind. An empty cloak.

And yet the love, the compassion, the good deeds that we have done in the world, our ideals and gifts that we have given, fill our existence without the shadow of our material world. This is the Cloak: a place where to recover our universal conscience, filling its walls with everything that moves our soul. The conscience, today and forever, is the only possible answer to the greatest problems of humankind: money shifts, whereas ideas multiply and settle in our conscience.

We must learn to inspire and let ourselves be inspired. Art can do that because it speaks a universal language that goes beyond any boundary, conflict and fear. It’s made out of that fragile precious material that makes our istence more than just the succession of days and years. Through art we can hear the part of infinity hidden inside each of us whispering, and we manage to see something higher and marvelous, that we can call Beauty.

It is that incredible, disarming force that is released when things are in their place. That mystery of order and harmony that can give a meaning to our existence, that lets us contemplate creation in ecstasy.

I am convinced that salvation will come to the world through people who can see beauty in everything.

Thanks to the action, the determination and the courage of these people others will follow them, inspired by the example that they set, and they will start to reveal this world as a place of peace and harmony.

This is the conscience that we need to give to the billions of human beings that will come to this earth after us – a world to be embraced and to live, in order to preserve it and consign it to those who come after them. The white Cloak of Conscience is the symbol of that quest of the meaning of our life, of that responsibility that we have towards the earth and those living on it.

The Chromy Award aims to recognize all those individuals gifted with an extraordinary conscience and sensibility, which can make a real difference. Men and women who have decided to dedicate their life to the dream of a better future for all, giving others new eyes to see the Beauty and Hope that is hidden in the folds of the multifaceted world that we share with others. They can inspire millions of people to act, giving proof that there is always an alternative, even in the darkest moments. They are the ones who remind us that during the night, the darkest moment is the one that precedes the dawn.

It’s enough to stop for a moment and remind ourselves that more than seven billion people are breathing with us, right now, to understand that together we can change the world.

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