Press Release

A visit to the Italian Pavilion at Expo Dubai in complete safety with an innovative technology

From day one of the Universal Exhibition “Around Me” will allow visitors to comply with the physical-distancing standards

A captivating, immersive and rewarding experience in complete safety – this is what awaits visitors to the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai from day one, 1 October 2021.

In order to ensure compliance with the standards that will be in force in terms of physical distancing, the Pavilion will be able to rely on AroundMe, a technology by OCTO Telematics, a leading company in the field of innovative services for companies, venues and large events. The technology ( ) is based on SmartTags that can be used in controlled environments with or without a mobile Application.

“Extraordinary times make it necessary to comply with various rules to combat the spread of the pandemic and among these, social distancing is probably the simplest but of more immediate concern and without a doubt essential in crowded places,” said Edwin Colella, OCTO’s Chief Marketing Officer, speaking during the ‘Health and Wellness’ Pre-Expo Week on Feb. 2.

Visitors to the Italy Pavilion will be given a small OCTO SmartTag. The tag is recorded at a console at the reception. If two visitors, each with their own tag, are inadvertently a distance of less than two meters apart or whatever the required physical distance, the tags store this proximity event.

Management consoles will also be positioned within the Pavilion to continuously monitor and help maintain safe distances between people. With the smartphone application, if there are gatherings, visitors will be warned by a notification on their phone. Without the mobile application, the tag records the proximity event to allow to restore a situation of greater safety and ensure compliance with the distancing rules.

When visitors end their visit at the Pavilion, the SmartTag will be returned to the reception and each event will be recorded anonymously to allow for an analysis of all the visits made.