Press Release

Pocahontas…The Legend @ Al Qasba Theatre Sharjah on 28-29 March

Hi-ya-ya-hi-ya. Listen to the tom-tom drums and the message
spoken by the “Wordspinner” that opens and closes this
charming adventure suitable for all age groups. The name Pocahontas,
belonging to the daughter of the powerful Algonquin
Chief Powhatan, means “She-Who-Likes-To-Be-Mischievous.”
It’s a fitting name, because the princess enjoys playing
tricks and games, especially with Wolf, Raven and Squirrel…
her playmates in the forest. She also makes friends with the
English settlers in the struggling community of Jamestown.

This colorful play features a wonderful cast of characters:
Little Running Rabbit, Brave Eagle, Aunt Morning Star, Forest
Spirits, Mother Earth and the people of Jamestown. Filled with
Native American lore and true to the original legend, it’s an
entertaining and fascinating page from our country’s history
that glows with excitement and warmth.

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